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Conférence - "Beyond the Binary"

Avec les commissaires Shiva Lynn Burgos, Georg Bak et Alisa Phommahaxy et des artistes Aurélien Bomy, David Young, Pablo-Martin Cordoba, Pierre Suchet, Martin Désilets at Angelika Weinerroither. Présentation sur Blockchain par Dada NY, Judy Mam et Beatriz Helena Ramos. Concert de musique de Julian Simmons, Pure Data programmed quadraphonic, et Benjamin Heidersberger, le pentatonic permutation player et aussi l’installation sonore de Lee Wells, Sophia’s Safehouse in an Uncanny Valley.

“In the binary-non binary context, in terms of how blockchain can disrupt the status quo in the art world, and using blockchain to create an alternative art paradigm that is redefining how people make and value art. We will touch on topics like new definitions of ownership, a new scope for the use of digital art and what shared ownership means in a collaborative community; how the role of collectors can be expanded into a creative collaboration with artists, and the potential for creative collaboration of Non-Fungible Tokens." - Dada NY

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Earlier Event: November 6
Later Event: November 30